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Dinner to remember

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

i recently went to dinner with old friends to brightleaf square.yes and old tobacco wharehouse. Nikos is the restaurant . we all had a great evening and almost everything in this story is actually true. i have witnesses . this story is one of my favs (can i use that phrase even tho im 41 ?) here we go .


Whispers on the lake

Friday, July 17th, 2009

as i drove up to my parents house i saw the lake straight ahead of me . it was a beautiful day about 5 in the afternoon. i went and stood at the point on the lake just to admire wat the Lord had created. looking for a little quite time with the Lord i found myself overwhelmed with thankfullness and astonishment at wat i was seeing and then hearing wat the Father was whispering to me. I have seen the lake many times before but on that day it was calling me. well, i mean the Lord was calling me to it. enjoy !


veiled reference guide book

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

listed below are words or phrases that i use often to explain myself without explaining myself. in the past i have used these to relay messages to others and just for fun . if u have any questions regarding these or ones i havent listed just ask and i will do my best to reveal wat i can. some i may not be able to explain for personal reasons . enuff blah blah blah already here goes!


3 – a numbr used to describe my former best friends and
also my 3 daughters
ILL – obviously a reference to my soon to be wife Jill
wythe – wytheville va. simple enuff
the hill – fancy gap or wytheville
iron curtain – storm door
rewind – returning home
grin – my jill
roady – me, and trips to c my smile
smile – my angel
broken road – my time away from the Lord
the dark – the band, satan, hotel rooms
colors – guitar hero
the lite – Obviously living for the Lord
inheritance – children, the bible
sonic – sonic
high heel girl – manda
the way – God, the road
g man – grace son
dim – sadness, broken heart
also – filing in for the word “too”
whisper – how the words come to me
maybeline – the cat
spoodi – my aunt
luvya big – somethin spoodi says
products – references to commercials (the only reason to wach tv for me )
everyday – my wedding day
numbers – places, times to meet, dates , and to show how coincedence is not
walls – hotel rooms
eht eht – true
eht eht eht – creative license to exaggerate or make up
race cars – a number
a band – a pertinant song relating to the topic
a list of places – wat i c on a trip or a road map
uhm ! – uhm thats some hair
hsfgm – hillshire farm go meat !
omg hb !- oh my gosh , hair bands !


the hair cut

Monday, July 13th, 2009

life lesson #08182009 The hair cut so today i walk in the barber shop. stephanie ask for my name and i repply Garthe brookes. After a little smirk i recant quickly and tell her im Dyrkes bentley. she asked me wy im in town and wy i came to her shop. to my dismay she doesnt believe i am in town for a underwater fire prevention seminar and that someone told me she was better than edward scissorhands. needless to say , im ok with wearing a baseball cap for the next month or so. “never harass someone with scissors ”


the teacher and the test

Sunday, July 12th, 2009

one nite wen i was about to fall asleep, i was thinking bac on wy things dont progress the way they should and wat was i doin to impede the plan of wat the Lord has in store for me. being that a teacher is on my mind ALOT these days it came to me that life is a test and if the Lord knows we havent learned our lesson in watever He is dealing with us on, then we must retake it time after time until we get it rite.


this day is for you

Monday, July 6th, 2009

this came to me on saturday the day before easter wile i was talkin to my aunt spoodi in the kitchen. i ran to begin writing , my sister and boodles stopped by to see us and i didnt even speak. Sorry sissy and boodles but it was pounding in my head and i couldnt write fast enuff. this day is for you is the first words i heard , as i was writing my heart began to melt and i was humbled beyond anything i had ever felt that the Lord has given me this to express wat Easter truly is, A day meant for you and me.