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u gave her to me

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

the blessed day came but way to early. young and afraid and didnt no wat to do. trusted the doctors to use the wisdom given by God. shes doing better one told me. finally some good news but short lived. the specialist arrives and says shes not responding we’ve done all we can. another explains if she does survive , being on 100 % oxygen for a week will cause brain damage or blindness. my heart is sinking fast . surrounded by family and friends wat else to do but pray. more news that crushed me but not my spirit. she will probably not make it thru the nite. late that nite i sat alone in the waiting room and began to pray. father i come to u on behalf of my little girl , u gave her to me and im grateful for ur blessing, but shes yours to give and yours to take. my Lord i have nothing to offer but a promise. as much as i can do being just a man i ask if u give her to me i will do wat i can to make sure she lives for u and i dedicate her life to u that she may always desire ur way. Lord this is all i have and i leave it in your hands. give me ur peace and rest tonite and thank for hearing my prayer. the nurse had arranged a place for me to sleep so i went to my room and felt at peace as i slowly went to sleep. waking at 630 i quickly went into the icu to c my baby girl. something was different , all the numbers on the different life support equipment were changed. i called the nurse and asked wats going on and wy didnt i know about the changes. her response echos in my mind as if it were yesterday. ” I dont know wat happened but during the nite she just responded. shes gonna be just fine and can go home in a few days ” . My God heard my cry . One of the best preemie specialist in the world had thrown up her hands so i threw christa into his hands. she will be 20 years old soon with no brain damage or blindness. His hand is on her life and she has a heart for the Lord . speak good things over ur children and bathe them in prayer and he is faithful and his word never fails.