this day is for you

this came to me on saturday the day before easter wile i was talkin to my aunt spoodi in the kitchen. i ran to begin writing , my sister and boodles stopped by to see us and i didnt even speak. Sorry sissy and boodles but it was pounding in my head and i couldnt write fast enuff. this day is for you is the first words i heard , as i was writing my heart began to melt and i was humbled beyond anything i had ever felt that the Lord has given me this to express wat Easter truly is, A day meant for you and me.

               The world was in distress, just like our own life,
               Filled with chaos and lots of strife.

               Running around looking for hope and peace,
               Finding no answers, we needed relief.

               The way we are looking for is always near,
               in the midst of our surroundings,
               we choose not to hear.

               Seeing his works , yet we still don’t find our place,
               With His stripes and tears running down His face,
               He still showed compassion and brought us grace.

               One said to Him, remember me,
               And with a gasping breath, He proclaimed,
               “You will be with Me”.

               His mercy and forgiveness would soon be clear,
               His lips trembled, “My blood will take your fear”.

               These words He spoke are never more true,
               “It is finished!” This day is for you!

               Our relief had come so we wouldn’t be lost,
               His love He showed, nailed to the cross.

               2009 years earlier He arose from that tree,
               and now we celebrate a day meant for you and me.


  • Michael Ragan says:

    Great start. Something I needed to hear in my time of need. Gods in charge and in control. Let it be. Michael

  • Lydia says:

    Again, thanks for the timely word.

  • Joann (sissy) says:

    No offense was taken on this day as I knew what you were up to so let the Words flow — they minister to all of us, time and time again! LOVEYOUBUNCHES

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