Dinner to remember

i recently went to dinner with old friends to brightleaf square.yes and old tobacco wharehouse. Nikos is the restaurant . we all had a great evening and almost everything in this story is actually true. i have witnesses . this story is one of my favs (can i use that phrase even tho im 41 ?) here we go .

thisin weekend i was invited to go out to eat. so after prayin for a relaxing non eventful evening i get the call. Yay ! im going to eat in an old tobacco wharehouse! yes the train has begun to derail and i havent even moused my hair yet. upon arrival , a lady staggers by and im not sure if her pocketbook was to heavy or her 8 inch high heels were given her the business. entering the wharehouse im plesently supprised and think things are looking up until i see the name of the restaurant, NIKOS !wow. the name of my best friends dog.this is gonna be fun . once seated we are greeted by fabios better looking brother. my “date” quickly diverts my attention to something on the menu. yes that will be fine i say having no idea wat i was ordering. adonis announces additions to the already splendi menu but no takers. being the southern crowd that we are we ‘l have the sheep, mac and cheese, the seafood u say twice and the burnt cheese. nice! as i await for watever to arrive i gaze accross the table and ponder, pears on a bowtie ? and where did K.O. live wen the was 18 ,next to the fountain of youth !the order arrives, adonis yells OPRAH ! and sets my food on fire. no im not making this up . eht eht. after walking to the bar for a breathe of fresh air i return to my seat and ask wy he yelled shreks girlfriends name. after a smirk ( i like that word btw) from my “date”. i thank the nice teacher for clarification. OPAH! which apparently means im burning the cheese in latin. besides that it was a relaxing non eventful evening. goodnite class of 86 88 90 and 91 !!!! my apologies high heel girl

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  • Jimmy says:

    I thought it wuz an old Darrell’s building . . . or wuz it the lake home?

    That must be a forthcoming note . . .

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