hi welcome to andys ! ( ur welcome ?)

the latest chapter in the war between myself and every teenager workin fast food continues !

it seems the plague of fast food lunicy has caught up with me again. after being roped in to goin out for dinner at a cloose place to eat, i accept the inevitable wich is my order will be rong and i wont get wat i payed for. we are greeted by several people who yell out HI WELCOME TO ANDYS ! (the other part of the title will come in to play shortly). everyone else gazes over the menu, but not me i no precisley wat i want and how i want it. michelle our waitress ask wat we wud like to to drink. everone orders then she gets to me . i will have ah tea. easy enuff . ok thats to simple i think to myself how could she possibly mess up wen i order ah tea. all dirnks arrive except for mine ? no way ! michelle in the poodle skirt says sir we dont have hot tea.2 lug nuts off the weel and 2 to go . i respond , i didint ask for hot tea, as a matter of fact have u ever served hot tea here and i dont recall it on the menu. poodle skirt replies , since we dont have hot tea wud u like coke . NO for the love of crabbie patties i want a cup with extra ice with SWEET TEA inside the cup , can u possibly do that ? with a little sniffle she walks away obviously on a mission to get me a coke. rayquan the manager comes over and asked was everything ok , sure i say its just wat i expected. the food arrives . there gos the tire off the road and into some old ladys flower bed smashing her daffadils before wabbling to a stop next to the garden knome. as in earlier eposodes i always order plain with cheese and extra cheese. well, no cheese at all is wat i get. poodle comes bac to the table and i say can i have my provolone cheese and she replies ur welcome and takes my basket. my besty tells me im not very nice and high heel girl actually said , does this always happen to u ? ohm no . eht eht eht ! all these stories are all made up out of thin air or most of them anyway eht eht ! back to the table with my food and to my amazment its sort of rite. american mixed in the stake and provolone on top . ( 4 errors but whos counting ) the besty says oh that looks good and helps herself to the first bite. the moral of this story ? dont plant garden knomes near andys !

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