again !

a revolving door in and out of our lives people come and go, but now and then things are different you feel it and u no. a few are not the same, truly some good friends, but time slips by memories fade and often theres an end. we meet him at a young age drawing cloose for a wile, truly a good friend, but time slips by memories fade often we lose a smile. hes always cloose we pass by and forget to stop and say, hey old friend ive missed u, “well ive been here everyday!” Im sorry i wandered off it been 5 and 15 years, lots of things have changed but all the good started with some tears. 5 years without my savior but hes taken all my fear. 15 has passed for me and james and i began to wonder and pray, if my good friend knew the Lord, I think ? maybe one day. a week ago he was there as i began everyday, now sadness has come to him, nothing to do but pray. but as we spoke he seemed at peace, and thru his voice i can here a grin, ” I know she is in a better place and the best part is , I get to see her again !


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