broken road

broken road has nothing to do with the flats. it describes wat my life was like working for a band. during that time i allowed myself to be put in alot of not so good situations. i describe the average show from start to finish. i felt as though i had no choice but to compromise . a discussion with a former friend that came true precisley as i had proclaimed . 3-5 years for my plan to be done. it took 3 1/2 years. i thought i was recovering but then a huge blow that knocked me down. time dragged on with little to no sleep for months then finally one last dagger to the heart and i was completely broken. i did the only thing i could, crawl back to my Lord ask him to restore my life. within days he set in motion all he had been waiting to give me. i needed conformation and i got it on the side of hwy 85 . u have to do a little searching but the last sentence has 2 names in it. vr guide book .

the nite rolls in ,in the middle of the day, ur mind races fast and u wish u could pray. but the heart is cold from the years on the road. trying to be the lite but the voices fill u with frite. u lirk in dark places surrounded by faces. put on the smile and turn on the charm u close ur eyes, theres the alarm. dragging down the road u feel the strain, one more show to drown the pain. tune it just rite now for the change,rite before ur eyes the change begins, everyone a little nervous , u can tell by the grins. back at ur station the excitment builds. my heart races and is filled with glee but soon enuff, misery.the lites go dim u jump to the task , so mnay questions, u no wat will be asked. tention starts to build or riddled with guilt u no its not rite cause ul pay the price,backed in a corner so u feed the vice.dragging to the finish it ends with a shout , hopefully some rest but u have ur doubts. another task at hand ,the many are now few the party begins just not for u. the work is now done ur reward insite but u catch hell and then a goodnite. the end has to come or ur mind u will lose.i think to myself , why did i have to choose. the vortex has got me as i say with a grin, but wen u 3 are gone im gonna win. so that day comes and i no its rite i turn off the switch and run for my life. u finally escape battered and brused but its worth repeating why did i have to choose. i begin to recover and see the silouete,my heart beats faster my hands start to swet. ur peace returns and once more u grin but u no deep down this to will end. i cant catch a break once more i lose nice job life i have to choose. i draag thru the motions just to get thru,but to sustain my soul now i want to choose. the words come painfully my eyes grow dim, i no wat i must do ,sink or swim. i turn my eyes up and i feel the chil, but not wat i want but thy will be fulfilled. on the broken road home i stop just to see a grin, the giver of good gifts smiles once again because of my grace son, u get to win.

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