the teacher and the test

one nite wen i was about to fall asleep, i was thinking bac on wy things dont progress the way they should and wat was i doin to impede the plan of wat the Lord has in store for me. being that a teacher is on my mind ALOT these days it came to me that life is a test and if the Lord knows we havent learned our lesson in watever He is dealing with us on, then we must retake it time after time until we get it rite.

time flies by and now it creeps. days turned into months, now we have just weeks. no time to look bac. no time for regrets, little did we no we were taking a test. back in the day wen we were in scool our teachers gave us a book that explained all the rules. day after day we would question and say, wen will i need to no this? one day she would say. pop quizes and homework prepared us for a time wen the books were put away, and all we had learned was revealed in one day. just as in life he teaches from the book, but he gives us the answers we just have to look. we prepare for a test each and everyday, our teacher stands beside to guide us on our way. learn your lesson fast cause if we make a mistake , the teacher will show compassion but the test we must retake.

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  • Joann (sissy) says:

    Didn’t we talk about this? I’m tired of retaking the tests…lol. LOVEYOUBUNCHES

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