numbers game

the numbers game is just for fun and to show all and exspecially high heel girl that coincidence mixt wythe mathematics equals quirky and sometimes astonishing outcomes. so wen an odd sequence of numbers ambles thru ur life just ask, coinky dink or just plain ole maipulation ?the following game was ritten in response to a friend who had an group of repeating numbers in a short period of time. send ur strange numbers uve observed an i will see wat i can come up with.

444 is exactly 4 times how many i have 111. 111 added together =3 wich is how many friends i no wythe the last name jones. jones is the county i grew up in. me and the 3 jones all went to scool in durham county. durham is where i had my 3 girls. 3 is also the number i mention often in my notes. i am writing this at 7:19. 7 is how many scool friends witnessed adonis burn my food. 19 is the parking spot at sonic. at sonic there were 4 people in the car. if u add all single numbers from this point bac u get 34. subtract the only double number and u get 15. 4 is the number that started this, wen put before 15 u get 415 wich is where my breathe is taken away. my first breathe was at 416 , jill took her first breathe on the 16 th. double that number and u get my number from highscool. it is now 49 minutes past the hour. add all the numbers to this point and subtract the last two and u get 1568 wich is how much dinner was at sonic . coinky dink ? i think not.

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  • Heather says:

    7770 … July 7, 1970 was when I was born, my husband asked me to marry him on my birthday, July 7, 2006, we were married 7 months and 7 days later on February 14, 2007, my husbands birthday, on July 7, 2007, my age was 37. 🙂 Okay, I can’t do this any where near as well as you (LOL)

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