the hair cut

life lesson #08182009 The hair cut so today i walk in the barber shop. stephanie ask for my name and i repply Garthe brookes. After a little smirk i recant quickly and tell her im Dyrkes bentley. she asked me wy im in town and wy i came to her shop. to my dismay she doesnt believe i am in town for a underwater fire prevention seminar and that someone told me she was better than edward scissorhands. needless to say , im ok with wearing a baseball cap for the next month or so. “never harass someone with scissors ”


  • Jerri says:

    Hey Garthe/Dyrkes… u wored hats since u wuz a boy wat’s a big deal… &&& wat happened to ya mama’s bowl, it seemed to be workin’ jus fine… y don’t cha quit trying to be so hi class….LOL

    Love Ya B jr,
    sista from anoder moder…tee hee

  • Susan says:

    as a hairstylist I totally agree that you shouldn’t harass someone with scissors! But seriously I think this is so funny and clever! Keep up the great work!

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