veiled reference guide book

listed below are words or phrases that i use often to explain myself without explaining myself. in the past i have used these to relay messages to others and just for fun . if u have any questions regarding these or ones i havent listed just ask and i will do my best to reveal wat i can. some i may not be able to explain for personal reasons . enuff blah blah blah already here goes!


3 – a numbr used to describe my former best friends and
also my 3 daughters
ILL – obviously a reference to my soon to be wife Jill
wythe – wytheville va. simple enuff
the hill – fancy gap or wytheville
iron curtain – storm door
rewind – returning home
grin – my jill
roady – me, and trips to c my smile
smile – my angel
broken road – my time away from the Lord
the dark – the band, satan, hotel rooms
colors – guitar hero
the lite – Obviously living for the Lord
inheritance – children, the bible
sonic – sonic
high heel girl – manda
the way – God, the road
g man – grace son
dim – sadness, broken heart
also – filing in for the word “too”
whisper – how the words come to me
maybeline – the cat
spoodi – my aunt
luvya big – somethin spoodi says
products – references to commercials (the only reason to wach tv for me )
everyday – my wedding day
numbers – places, times to meet, dates , and to show how coincedence is not
walls – hotel rooms
eht eht – true
eht eht eht – creative license to exaggerate or make up
race cars – a number
a band – a pertinant song relating to the topic
a list of places – wat i c on a trip or a road map
uhm ! – uhm thats some hair
hsfgm – hillshire farm go meat !
omg hb !- oh my gosh , hair bands !

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